Feedback from Parent Talk at Caboolture Montessori School Term 2, 2013

One of our skilled clinicians, Marita Cooper, recently attended Caboolture Montessori School to deliver a talk to their school community on resilience and anxiety in children. Below is feedback that we received from the school’s principle:

“We would like to thank your organisation for offering us the opportunity to explore factors that support resilience and address anxiety in children. The seminar conducted by Marita Cooper was extremely informative and provided many practical insights for our parents and staff. We found the scope of the seminar valuable and the manner with which elements were discussed from a personal perspective. The presenter portrayed a professional perspective at all times.

Marita linked sections in her talk to real experiences, which made parents understand feel comfortable in sharing own thoughts and concerns. The talk managed to invoke a discussion about early detection of anxiety in children and normalised some of the more serious concerns parents had about their own children…The comment from parents the following day was very positive and they are looking forward to the next part of the seminar.

As a school Principle I valued the discussion Marita initiated about the relevance of parents building resilience with their child, as this is becoming a growing concern in our primary context. we spend many hours supporting parents with their parenting, to enhance the student’s opportunities for learning.

The effectiveness of the ‘Friends Program’, which our school children participated in 2012, was confirmed yet again by the conversation between Marita and parents and by salient points raised at the seminar.”

Yvonne Rinaldi


Caboolture Montessori School