New year, new direction

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to 2013. I hope you had a happy and safe festive season.

2013 is already looking to be a very exciting year for the Pathways team and our clients. Pathways has relocated to West End, we are receiving excellent feedback from countries that have implemented the FRIENDS Program in their National School Curriculum, Strong Not Tough Adult Resilience Program now runs parallel to the children’s groups, and becoming an Accredited Trainer has never been easier or cheaper.

Over the Christmas break, Pathways relocated premises from Woolloongabba back to West End, where we first started more then 10 years ago. The new space allows us to run more groups, in a more friendly, boutique environment. Pathways families have also been very positive about the new location, with comments ranging from the ease of access, to the free parking surrounding the wellbeing centre and its position close to family filled activities at South Bank. Before and after group sessions families can enjoy the Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Museum, Holly Park and the large number restaurants with cheap eats.

Pathways new address

Pathways new address

The FRIENDS Program implemented within New Zealand, Ireland and Canada National Schooling Curriculum is receiving outstanding feedback. The programs have been running in these countries schools for many years, but have now been adopted at a large scale and have been received very well by their communities.

Thanks to the help of the amazing Dr Julia Gallegos, the FRIENDS program is now being delivered in all Mexican Orphanages and is a massive success. This is due to the tremendous effort and hard work from Julia. Great work!

Pathways is excited to announce that until the end of this financial year, the acclaimed Adult Resilience program Strong Not Tough will run parallel to children’s groups for FREE. I believe that when children participate in the FRIENDS groups, parents benefit from sharing the experience and learn the positive skills of resilience for themselves and their family. I like to use the metaphor of airlines asking parents to place their oxygen masks on in an emergency first, and then tend to their child. This same principle applies – parents and grandparents need to participate so they fully understand the program and can help with their child’s resilience. So don’t just sit in the waiting room or get a coffee when your child is in a session, participate in the Strong Not Tough program and get involved in the children’s resilience skills FREE OF CHARGE!

Become an accredited Teacher/School to deliver the FRIENDS Resilience Programs today! Until the end of this financial year, we are providing one day of training, for TWO programs, at a heavily discounted rate of $400. Training for all four FRIENDS Programs can be undertaken in two days for $600. Teachers and Allied Health Professionals can undertake this training and be accredited to deliver the programs for three years. This training will give professional development points in two programs, in one day.

The FRIENDS group sessions are now running after hours and on weekends, and intensive daily programs running throughout school holidays. The programs help children of all ages and families prevent internet addiction during the holidays, sibling rivalry, boredom and behaviour problems, amongst other benefits. For example, for Pre School aged children the Fun Friends programs teach how to be brave and look people in the eye, how to be the boss of your feelings and have green thoughts.

Dr Paula Barret holding a Fun Friends session

Dr Paula Barret holding a Fun Friends session

For adolescents in High School the Friends Youth Program teaches teenagers how to chose positive friendships, compromise with parents and teachers, regulate emotions in appropriate ways, empathise with other peoples emotion including animal empathy, develop organisational and study skills, learn how to be confident with public speaking and presentations, and other important social and emotional skills. These skills will help your children to be equipped with the positive coping skills to participate in schooling years to the best of their ability.

Each session of the Friends program, employs three qualified adults for every group of 10 participates (children or youth) this is a lot of individual attention that will be paid to your child and family.

We have received excellent feedback (such as): “I cant wait until Easter so we come back to do a follow up. I learnt so much and had so much fun. I wish we could do it ever week during the school year” J Youth Group participant January 2013.

Support from parents has been phenomenal: “I have done lots of holiday programs with my children. This is by far the best. My husband, daughter and I learnt so much. This is a great start to a positive year to our family and our daughters schooling life” L January 2013.

With the recurring floods in QLD, the resilience programs are optimal and help in multiple ways with such challenges as unpredictable natural disasters.

Learning resilience is the best gift you can give your family to cope in positive ways for any challenge that comes your way! FRIENDS Programs are the most useful way of learning resilience, so please get involved today!

Please contact us as pathways if you would like more information on how we can help you and your family “be the best you can be”.

Contact Details:

07 3391 6866

Suite 7/88 Boundary Street, West End QLD 4101


Have a great weekend!


Paula Barrett

1 February 2013