Pathways Health and Research Centre

Welcome to the Friends Programs International Foundation (formerly Pathways). 

2014 Outcome Trial in the UK – Excellent Results for FRIENDS
Pathways Health and Research Centre is one of Australia’s most creative, and innovative, health and research clinics. Pathways stands apart as a health and wellbeing centre, encouraging healthier and more rewarding lifestyles by building strengths and positive actions in individuals and families (rather than focusing on deficits and problems). Pathways works from a positive psychology approach promoting positive, adaptive, preventative and psychologically fulfilling aspects of an individual or families’ life.

Pathways enables people to connect with supportive and highly-trained Psychologists who will facilitate the learning of effective coping skills to encourage resilience in the modern world. Our experienced team offer a range of services that aim to carefully consider an individual’s specific needs and unique circumstances. We offer individual consultation and group programs, with the delivery of the evidence-based FRIENDS programs developed by the Founder of Pathways, and internationally acclaimed Child Psychologist, Professor Paula Barrett. As a functioning research centre, Pathways continuously conducts clinical research on all group programs to ensure that the effective prevention and intervention strategies for our clients are guided by the latest research.

Pathways is passionate about developing resilience and socioemotional skills in the local and global community.  This is a belief that has been shared around the world. The evidence-based FRIENDS programs are currently run throughout countries all over the globe. To ensure the effective delivery of the programs, Pathways offers facilitator accreditation and training for individuals who wish to deliver the evidence-based FRIENDS programs in their own school, organisation, community or country.

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Pathways provides

• Child and family therapy
• Individual and group consultations
• No referral necessary
• Extended opening hours and weekend appointments
• Medicare rebate
• Private health insurance rebate
• Proven evidence-based programs developed by
Professor Paula Barrett
• Thousands of individuals have already
participated in our programs

Our Clinic

Pathways has carefully selected highly qualified Clinical and Educational Psychologists to deliver our services. Pathways staff are experts in:

• Anxiety and Depression in Children
• Anxiety and Depression in Adolescents
• Anxiety and Depression in Adults
• Autism and Aspergers
• Learning Disabilities
• Obsessive-Compulsive Difficulties
• Chronic Illness & Post-traumatic Stress
• Sports Psychology
• Eating Disorders
• Parenting Programs

CANCELLATION POLICY - Pathways is a small organisation. In order to minimise disruptions and lost opportunities for other clients, a fee of $200.00 will be automatically charged for any cancelled sessions. This fee will be charged at your next session unless a medical certificate can be provided. Please consider this when booking your appointment.