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Adults Resilience

Coping strategies to tackle the transitions in adult life. University, Career and Personal life

About the Adult Resilience program

The Adult Resilience course is ideal for students in year 11 or 12 as they may start to deal with a dramatic increase in schooling, social, and home pressures.
The adult resilience is also taught along side other programs to parents so that everyone benefits from Adult Resilience and the FRIENDS “language” can be spoken at home, if the whole family participates then resilience and happiness can vastly increase for everyone.

Program Costs:

The cost of the program is $990 with $200 deposit required. 

Adult Resilience

How does this program help?

Older teenagers face a number of life changing things such as finishing high school and choosing a career, these things can lead to stress and anxiety about exams, relationships, body image, and many other things. Because of this, it is not uncommon for teenagers to experience anxiety or depression which severely impacts their lives and their ability to do their best.

The Adult Resilience course arms participants with the skills they need to cope with these life changes and difficult situations so that they can do their best and easily transition into the next phase of their life.

Backed by years of research the Adult Resilience course is proven to help participants be the best they can be, and impart on them many skills and tools such as:

  • To identify feelings and develop empathy
  • How to control and regulate intense emotions
  • Relaxation techniques – like those used by athletes
  • Mindfulness skills and exercises to stay in the moment, focus and relax
  • Prevent bullying for both victims and bullies.
  • Resist peer pressure and develop positive relationships
  • To compromise in tricky situations and avoid conflict
  • To choose appropriate role models
  • Setting realistic and achievable life or study goals
  • Organisation and focus skills
  • Develop non internet-based friendships and relationships

The structure of the Adult Resilience Program is a 5 session course, with each session taking between 2-2.5 hours depending on the activities chosen by the facilitator.

Developed by Professor Paula Barrett, the program has helped the lives of thousands of participants and helped them navigate the treacherous period of adolescence into adult hood. The Adult Resilience course has also helped families become stronger as parents themselves can apply the skills that they learn while undertaking Adult Resilience in their lives too.

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