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Leigh Fraser-Gray

Leigh Fraser-Gray

Social Worker - Counsellor


Leigh’s experience of over 20 years places her in a senior counsellor position. Her skills developed over this time ensure each client is able to access trusted and knowledgeable clinical counselling services influenced by over two decades of Social Work practice. Leigh supports individual adults, couples and families progressing through change, providing a safe space to process change, past or current experiences of interest or introspection, trauma and/or adversity in a caring, genuine, strengths based and empowered environment.Providing a safe space to work collaboratively, Leigh focuses on personal growth and encourages you to access your own wisdom and inner resources to influence, affect and increase general wellness and wellbeing. Leigh has a particular interest in helping clients tackle change and places emphasis on building individual strengths, resilience, coping capacity and encouraging self-care and wellbeing. Leigh often draws on neuro psychotherapeutic influences and approaches that considers brain chemistry as being connected to emotional responses and personal functioning. Leigh has an advanced practice framework ensuring each client suitable and effective counselling which can utilise Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Stress Management, Interpersonal Therapy and/or Psychoeducation.


Diploma of Human and Community Services (1998) 
Bachelor of Social Welfare (2001) 
Bachelor of Social Work (2007)
Vocational Post Graduate Diploma Family Dispute (2010)
Accreditation, Mental Health Social Worker / Medicare Provider Number allocation  (2017)
Accreditation, Mental Health First Aid, Standard (Nov. 2018) and Older Persons (Sept 2019)
Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW),  registered Social Worker #441851;
Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW);
Accredited (standard and older persons) Mental Health First Aid Instructor;
Yellow Card (Disability Services) Card Holder 2017-16127-1
Blue Card, Working with Children Check  563280/3

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